What are the delivery charges?

The delivery charges in HUNGARY are the following:

  • For purchases below 9000 HUF, there will be a delivery charge of 990 HUF,
  • For purchases over 9000 HUF, deliveries are absolutely FREE, so long as there aren’t any “Bulky Products” in the purchase order.

What is a “Bulky Product”?

It is a product, e.g. a kindergarten table, for which the courier service counts as an extra charge due to its extraordinary size.

How much is the charge for delivering bulky products?

The delivery charge related to bulky products is 990 HUF/each, regardless of the total amount of the purchase. The smaller-sized kindergarten and nursery chairs are exceptions to the rule; they have a delivery charge of 250 HUF per item.

For further details and international shipping, please click on the following link:


How much do we charge you to pick up the package at a Pick Pack Point Station?

To pick up the package at a Pick Pack Point Station the charges are the following:

  • When the order is below 5000 HUF, the extra charge will be 590 HUF.
  • When the order is above 5000 HUF, delivery is FREE of charge.

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When will an out-of-stock product be on hand again?

As soon as we are exactly sure of when the actual date of arrival will be, we will indicate it on the product profile.

If there isn’t precise information for the actual time of arrival, then the “Expected Stock” parameter (which can be found under the price) will be marked as “Unknown”. When customers would like to inquire as to whether the product is in stock (by sending an e-mail), they will need to tick the “I would like to receive a notification when the product is available again” field.

I recently ordered a package, when will it be delivered?

Our products are usually delivered within 1-2 working days, except for kindergarten furniture purchase orders, because they have a delivery time of 30-35 days. The delivery time of the selected product can be found under the “Add to cart” button.

How can I modify my order?

The order can be modified by making a phone call as long as its status is “Incoming” or “Incoming” (Paid). Our system informs our customers about the actual status of the purchased order via e-mail.

To modify your order, please call: +36 20 379 8189

What happens if the purchase is in a different status?

When the order is in a different status than “Incoming” or “Incoming” (Paid), the process is at a step which is out of our webshop customer service’s authority, so this is a point when a purchase order modification is no longer available, unfortunately.

Is the loyalty card discount accepted for products that are on sale, as well?

Yes. The loyalty card discount will always be deducted from the total amount of the purchase, thus it is accepted for both the fully priced, and for on sale products as well. Under a 5000 HUF order, the discount is 5%, whereas with any purchases beyond 5000 HUF, the discount is 10%.

For further details for customer loyalty programs, please click on the following link:


How can I become a regular customer?

There are two ways to become a regular customer:

  • When there is a one-time purchase above 10,000 HUF in one of our shops or in our toy store
  • Or, when the total amount of the purchases exceeds 20 000 HUF within a calendar year

On our webshop the total amount of your orders are calculated by our automated online system, and an invoice received from one of our stores is also proof of purchase. So, we kindly ask our customers not to throw them away or lose them!

Important Notice: Only registered customers can participate in our customer loyalty program. Thus customers without a registration, regardless of the total amount of purchases made, cannot be regular customers.

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How can I pay for my purchase?

There are multiple options to pay for your purchases:

  • In person: (by paying cash on delivery; by using a credit card, or by paying cash at one of our Pick Pack Point stations or stores)
  • By using our online credit card payment method: (your order can be paid by credit card in our webshop)
  • By bank transfer: (this method can only be used by entities, such as kindergartens, nurseries, and local governments).

On top of all of purchase and payment methods mentioned above, we also have voucher programs, and those vouchers are accepted in any of our stores.

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Can I make a purchase without registration?

Yes, our customers have the possibility to order from our webshop without registration.

Why is it worthwhile to register?

Because our customer loyalty program is available only for our registered customers, moreover, the purchasing process will be easier and faster in the future.

Are you shipping abroad?

Yes we are, to the following countries:

England, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finnland, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia.

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